Grand River Chapter

by Richard Pinder P.Eng.

 We proudly presented the following people with their engineering licence certificates during the May and October certificate presentations. Congratulations go out to all newly licensed engineers.

  • Zubair Ansari, P.Eng
  • Nick Anthony, P.Eng
  • Aruna Bandaranayake, P.Eng
  • Kankar Bhattacharya, P.Eng
  • Daniel Gordon Bielby, P.Eng
  • Istvan Norbert Borsos, P.Eng
  • Stuart Carl Robert Evans, P.Eng
  • Bergen Albert Fletcher, P.Eng
  • Matthew Gerald Heffernan, P.Eng
  • Andrew Richard Heywood, P.Eng
  • James Gerhard Haller, P.Eng
  • Janna Lynne Hamilton, P.Eng
  • William Christopher Harcourt, P.Eng
  • Christopher Ho, P.Eng
  • Hamidreza Jahedmotlagh, P.Eng
  • Jessica Andrea Kellerman, P.Eng
  • Denis Lahaie, P.Eng Shu Sheng Liu, P.Eng
  • Yingying Lu, P.Eng
  • Attila Zoltan Man, P.Eng
  • Brian Gerard Mangan, P.Eng Chau Yi Ngai, P.Eng
  • Danny Devindra Persaud, P.Eng
  • Kristian Dale Peter, P.Eng
  • Grant Christopher Procunier, P.Eng
  • Mohammad Hafizur Rahman, P.Eng
  • Peter John George Rehbein, P.Eng
  • Peter James Samson, P.Eng
  • Mohammad Hossein Toorani, P.Eng
  • Gavin Dawson Vermeer, P.Eng
  • Eric John William Vieth, P.Eng
  • Hong Bo Wang, P.Eng
  • Cathrine Heather Weatherall, P.Eng
  • David Charles Williams, P.Eng
Friday, 07 February 2014 19:56

Willing to Host a Technical Tour or Seminar?

The PEO Grand River Chapter’s Events Committee is always looking for local companies and organizations who are willing to host technical tours for chapter PEO members. Working with you, an Events Committee member will ensure that any requirements you have are respected and that the tour is carried out professionally. If your organization would consider hosting such a tour, please feel free to contact us at or to discuss the possibility. Your time would be appreciated.

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Saturday, 18 January 2014 13:04

2014 Council Elections Results

2014 Council Elections Results

Your vote counted!

Official election results now available.

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