Grand River Chapter

Mannheim Water Treatment Tour

By Kaoru Yajima, P.Eng.

Around 45 chapter members gathered at the Mannheim water treatment plant in the evening of May 30 to learn how water is supplied and treated in the Region of Waterloo. Two tours, lasting one hour each, were conducted, one following the other.

Each tour began with an explanation of the water sources and treatment technologies used to produce drinking water. A discussion on emerging issues in drinking water treatment was also included.

After the presentation, a guided tour of the plant was made where the coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, ozonation, filtration and UV disinfection processes of the treatment process were viewed.

Tour participants observe the UV disinfection process

Tour participants observe the UV disinfection process.

Many good questions were asked throughout the tour that reflected the diverse background of engineering disciplines represented by the tour participants.

Positive verbal feedback was received by many participants and additional tours may be planned in the future.

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