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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 21:42

2016 First Robotics Social

As part of the 2016 National Engineering Month celebrations, the Grand River Chapter was at this year’s First Robotics Competition social, held on the penultimate evening at the University of Waterloo.  PEO volunteers Rory McIntyre, P.Eng. and Kaoru Yajima, P.Eng., were on hand to engage the grade 9-12 competitors to think about what it takes to become an engineer or technologist.  With over 300 students, a good many dropped by to chat, pick up a NEM souvenir and or make their own button.  Teacher supervisors were also on hand and were provided with PEO resources to be used back in the classroom.  

2016 FIRST Robotics


One of the London teams visiting the Grand River Chapter booth 

As part of the 2016 National Engineering Month celebrations, the Grand River Chapter PEO was on hand at this year’s Waterloo Wellington Engineering and Science Fair.  Contestants dropped by to talk to chapter volunteers Erica Lee Garcia, P.Eng. and Kaoru Yajima, P.Eng. about their projects, their future aspirations and engineering.  As most were at the grade 7 and 8 levels, messaging centered around what engineers do and the path to become one.  With the exception of a few students, most were surprised to learn that just about everything around them had something to do with engineering.  


2016 Science Fair

GRC volunteer overseeing engineering design activity of contestants

Calling all LEGO fans

Skills Ontario is looking for judges to help encourage elementary students to consider careers in technology.

On 02 May 2016 more than 20 teams of four students will be challenged to complete tasks using a limited number of LEGO pieces. We are in need of judges to overview the process and to encourage them to consider Engineering and Technology as viable career paths.

If interested, please contact Ian Dudley, Technical Chair